Bottomless booties

Since my office is approximately 40 degrees at all times, I have an abundance of booties. That’s right – I wear booties in the 90 degree DC summer heat … no shame for this girl! Flat booties, heeled booties, beige booties, suede booties, leather booties, studded booties … you name it, I’m a fan.

My summer intern took notice and asked me to put together a “wish list” of my dream booties for when she returns to the West Coast. As I started compiling my list I realized OH MY GOD, my bank account is going to hate me in the next few weeks because so many gorgeous styles are up for grabs this fall.

Here are a few of my favorites of my bottomless booties list.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 5.09.22 PM
Bootiez on bootiez.

First up are Steve Madden’s Caveat leather booties. I mean come on, how amazing will they look with leather skinnies?! I personally love them in black, but they also are available in their cognac shade of brown.

You know it’s bad when your iPhone autocorrects “also” to “Aldo” – yep, that’s me. I have a ridiculous Aldo obsession. Their Allie booties are no exception. In my eyes they are PERFECTION. I love the contrast between the lighter beige leather and dark side buckle. Ugh, get in my closet right now!

What a surprise, another Aldo pair! When I first stumbled upon Aldo’s Vallorc ankle bootie I assumed it would be the perfect shoe for walking around the city on a brisk fall day. The flats look durable and comfy, not to mention will go with a variety of clothing options — everything from a casual shopping day ensemble to a nice dinner with the girls.

Chinese Laundry’s Bizarre heeled bootie is another beauty. The hue is gorgeous and the open sides give it a little something extra. And who doesn’t love buckles? The height is high enough for a night out of the town, but not too high for the office. Practical and trendy.

Last on this list — the Gimmie Gimmie Bootie by Chinese Laundry, which I actually stumbled upon on DSW’s website. Although these are too high for the workplace, I think they are the perfect shoe to throw on when heading out to the bar and even the club. Pair them with skinnies and you’re golden! Gimmie!

Which ones are your favorite? Are booties on your fall wish list?

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