Comfort guide for the sick girl

Good evening my loves –

So I know it’s been FAR TOO LONG since I’ve blogged – and I really have no real unique excuse. Just excessive amounts of work, bopping around Europe┬á(which I can’t wait to sprinkle all over my blog posts in the next few weeks so stay tuned ­čśÇ┬á), and day-to-day obligations.

But all that business came to a standstill last Friday — when I had to get my dreaded tonsils out. Let me tell you, this recovery process┬áhas been the most PAINFUL, HORRENDOUS experience of my life. You think, “oh, three year olds get this procedure done, no big deal.” Well, FALSE. It’s been a nightmare. You can’t even sip on a glass on ice water.

So I’d like to think I’ve mastered the art of getting comfy – or at least the most you can get in this situation. These have been my essentials the last few days and should be for every sick girl (knock on wood!)

Sick girl's guide
I’m not so sure what I do without every single one of these gems during my recovery.


Hope you are all having a healthy, happy day!

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